Tensor, Special Chipset for Pixel 6 Series

The Tensor chipset also introduced by Google during the launch of the 6 series pixel. This special chipset from Google has implanted in pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

The use of the Tensor pixel 6 series chipset has a striking difference from the previous pixel series. And this is the first time Google has equipped pixels with a homemade chipset called Google Tensor.

This means Google left Qualcomm which has immersed in the pixel series. Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed the Tensor chipset had developed by the company for four years. This the biggest innovation ever embedded in the Pixel mobile line.

“Tensors built from our two decades of computing experience and are our biggest innovation in Pixel to date. Tensors will be in Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in the fall, “Pichai chirping.

What Is the Tensor Chipset?

The name of the Tensor chipset itself is based on Google’s Machine Learning. Tensor refers to Google’s open-source machine learning (ML) programming ecosystem, TensorFlow.

TensorFlow is famous as the most powerful and popular machine learning programming library system. Because TensorFlow mentioned to used to develop and train models. To impregnate machine learning in almost all applications, including on Google photos and Google voice.

So it’s no wonder that this Tensor SoC will do more processing related to machine learning (ML). And artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence / AI). In the Pixel 6 series, especially in the photography and sound sector.

The first Google’s aspect (SoC) chipset lined up on the ARM 8 core architecture (octa-core) with 5 nm fabrication.

The mobile chip will equipped with a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). Dedicated to more efficient processing of AI and ML, as compiled from The Verge.
A source told 9to5Google media outlets. That the Google Tensor chipset, which has the code name Whitechapel, developed jointly with Samsung. Although not confirming who is in partnership with. Google’s Senior VP Devices & Services, Rick Osterloh said that Tensor is not just a partner processor.

“Like any SoC, we license a lot of technology into it. But this our design and specifically designed with the aim of pushing our ML and AI forward. “ Osterloh said in a post on Google’s official blog.

The More Advanced Photography and AI Side

Osterloh brags this Tensor chipset will make Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones more and more qualified. For example, Pixel phones can run computational photography models from Google better. A Pixel 6 series bakery phone allows users to shoot moving images and get results that remain sharp.

“For users, this means. The aftermath is a completely new feature, as well as an improvement on pre-existing features,” Osterloh said.

In addition to the photography sector, Osterloh said. The Tensor chipset will also help improve voice-to-speech software work, voice recognition (voice recognition), and translators. Google chipset Tensor makes Pixel 6 series devices attenuated as well as giving a caption from a French video to English directly.

In addition, still according to Osterloh Google also pinned the most recent security chipset under the name Titan M2

“With the Titan M2 Pixel 6 Series will be one smartphone that has hardware-coated security on any cellphone,” Osterloh said. The report also mentions if this Chipset will also immersed in Google Pixel Books’ laptops.

Source: RabihDigital.com



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